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          新立方配资Alabama to certify Democrat Jones winner of Senate election

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          • 来源:福建股票配资_期货配资北京_临沂配资开户
          FILE PHOTO: Democ新立方配资r新立方配资atic Alabama U.S. Senate candidate Doug Jones acknowledges supporters at the election night part新立方配资y in Birmingham, Alabama, U.S., December 12, 2017. REUTERS/Marvin Gentry/File Photo

          (Reuters) - Democrat Doug Jones’ surprise victory over Republican Roy Moore in this month’s special U.S. Senate election will be certified on Dec. 28, Alabama state officials said on Friday.

          Jones will be the first Democrat sent to the Senate from Republican stronghold Alabama in a quarter century. When he takes office, Republicans’ majority in the chamber will narrow to 51 of the 100 seats.

          Alabama Governor Kay Ivey, Attorney General Steve Marshall and Secretary of State John Merrill will meet to certify Jones’ win, Merrill’s office said in a statement. Jones’ margin of victory was 1.5 percentage points.

          Moore has not conceded defeat in the Dec. 12 vote, despite being urged by President Donald Trump to do so. Calls and emails to Moore’s campaign spokeswomen were not immediately returned on Friday.

          Moore was a controversial candidate whose campaign was beset by allegations that he sexually assaulted or pursued teenage girls while he was in his 30s. He denied the misconduct allegations, saying they were a result of “dirty politics.”